interferometry & spectroscopy

Coherent two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy in the Soret band of a chiral porphyrin dimer abstract & download PX 200 CAP
A 2D nano-positioning system with sub-nanometric repeatability over the millimetre displacement range

abstract & download

PXY 38
Chromophore concentrations, absorption and scattering properties of human skin in-vivo abstract & download Fiberswitch
Continuous-wave two-photon spectroscopy on a ladder-type conjugated polymer

abstract & download

Tritor 102
Digital Holographic Capture and Optoelectronic Reconstruction for 3D Displays

abstract & download

PZ 38
Distance Dependent Spectral Tuning of Two Coupled Metal Nanoparticles

abstract & download

xy scanner
Evidence of an Intermediate and Parallel Pathways in Protein Unfolding from Single-Molecule Fluorescence abstract & download Tritor 100
Exploring single-molecule dynamics with fluorescence nanoscopy abstract & download PSH/ mirror tilter
External-cavity quantum cascade lasers with fast wavelength scanning abstract & download PSH/ mirror tilter
Generation of narrowband subpicosecond midinfrared pulses via difference frequency mixing of chirped near-infrared pulses abstract & download PX 100
Instantaneous velocity measurement of dynamic deformation by digital holographic interferometry

abstract & download

PZ 38
Interferometric 3D tracking of several particles in a scanning laser focus abstract & download Tritor 102
Light-assisted deep-trapping of holes in conjugated polymers abstract & download MIPOS 100 inverted
Miniature real time PCR on chip with multi-channel fiber optical fluorescence detection module abstract & download Fiberswitch
Nanopipette Delivery of Individual Molecules to Cellular Compartments
for Single-Molecule Fluorescence Tracking
abstract & download Tritor 38
Real-Time Nanomicroscopy via Three-Dimensional Single- Particle Tracking

abstract & download

MIPOS 100 inverted
Spatial Fluorescence Cross Correlation Spectroscopy by Means of a Spatial Light Modulator abstract & download piezo slit
The PRIMA fringe sensor unit

abstract & download

nanoX CAP

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