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What is the correct temperature range for using piezoelectrical actuators?

piezosystem jena's piezo electrical ceramics have a Curie temperature of approximately 150°C. The full piezo electrical effect of the ceramic can only be guaranteed up to 80°C. Higher temperatures can reduce the polarization effect but usually do not damage the ceramic.

The piezo electrical effect can be used down to nearly 4 Kelvin, but the effect drops down to nearly 10% of the effect at room temperature. piezosystem jena ceramics are specified for a temperature between -20°C and 80°C. All systems are calibrated at a temperature of 22°C. Fluctuations in temperature affect the accuracy of the system.

Please ask us for more information if your application involves a lower or higher temperature range e.g. in ultra high vacuum applications.

Please note that the temperature effect can be more important for the material surrounding the ceramics, such as the stainless steel casing of some stack type actuators, than for ceramic itself.

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