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Which information are important to find the right system for your application?

Our sales team will aid you in finding a fitting system. In order to do so, it is necessary for the team to know the intended application.

The following information will help the sales team find the right actuator:

  • motion
  • required forces (at which motion?)
  • moving direction
  • number of axes
  • load
  • load allocation (if possible with a picture or a draft)
  • required resolution, repeatability, and nonlinearity
  • Is a special position stability required?
  • static application: How long the actuator will hold the same position?
  • dynamic application: Is a fast step response required? Which typical steps?
  • oscillation: triangle, rectangle, and/or sine?
  • Which environmental conditions will the application take place in? (humidity, temperature, vacuum/cryogenic)
  • Which forces will affect the piezo? (lateral / motion of the piezo e.g. on a linear stage)

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Please contact our technical staff for further assistance. Together with you we will find a solution for your needs.

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