standard calibration:

What is standard calibration?

All closed loop systems (positioning systems integrated with length measuring sensors) are calibrated. Calibration is done in 3 steps:

  1. Setting of the 0-point of the MON-output according to about 10% of open loop motion
  2. Adjusting of the gain of MON-voltage according to closed loop motion
  3. Setting of the PID-values of the controller to achieve the fastest possible response of the piezo with almost no overshooting
  • piezo is used in its natural direction of motion
  • dynamic worst case is applied to MOD-input (input jump with full closed loop travel)
  • depending on the range of motion and the design of the piezo, a particular mass is added (e.g. MIPOS with 100 µm travel range is calibrated with an additional load of 135 g; MIPOS with more than 100 µm travel range is calibrated with an additional load of 160 g)

The calibration is done under this worst case scenario, so that it will work for all other (more likely) applications. This is assuming that all the variables are close to specification (direction of motion and added mass). However, this calibration might have too slow of a response time for particular applications. In these cases, piezosystem jena offers the possibility of special calibration.

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