special calibration

What is special calibration?

A special calibration can be either necessary (if the customer's application is quite different from the assumptions of standard calibration) or preferable (if the customer runs the same function every time and the standard calibrated system is too slow).

If system is specially calibrated, this system will mostly work for that one particular application.

Special calibration is necessary if:

  1. A piezo will be mounted for an unusual way of motion (e. g. movement of MIPOS horizontally)
  2. The customer wants to have a motion range between those of open loop and closed loop (usually closed loop motion starts at about 10% of open loop motion). Lower and upper motion reserves are different than 10% of the open loop motion
  3. There is a different mass added, a mass outside of the center of the piezo, or a mass with an unfavorable shape (long levers) which significantly change the dynamic behavior of the system.

Special calibration is preferable once a system needs to be tuned in order to be faster.

Any customer can set the PID-values of the controller themselves if they use digital amplifiers (EVD 50 CL, 30DV50). Digital amplifiers enable the customer to easily change many calibration values. Please also look at our ASC-function. The change of any calibration values of analog amplifiers (e. g. NV 40/3 CLE) can only be realized at piezosystem jena.

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