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In the catalog a resolution of e.g. 2 nm is specified. How can I check this resolution?read more

digital resolution

I have a digital amplifier EVD50 and want to control the piezo stage by PC. How do I get to know the minimum step size?read more

device designation - suffixes

What do the different suffixes mean, e.g. regarding the amplifier "ENV 300 nanoX SG"read more

high frequencies in closed loop mode

Can actuators equipped with strain gauges be operated with high frequencies in closed loop mode?read more


Which kinds of cables are used?read more


How long are the cables?read more


calibration procedureread more

lifetime and reliability

Which specifications can be made regarding lifetime and reliability of piezo actuators?read more

MIPOS series: Lens Flex-Adapters improve handling and compatibility

What is important to know about vacuum applications?read more

pin connection

What is the pin connection for the actuators of piezosystem jena?read more

resonant frequency

Is it possible to operate the piezo actuator at the specified resonant frequencies?read more

RoHS directive

Does piezosystem jena comply with the RoHS directive?read more


Can "softstart" be deactivated?read more


Why do I need "softstart"?read more


What means "softstart"?read more

special calibration

What is special calibration?read more

mirror mounting

How is the mounting of the mirrors on the top plate of the mirror tilting system PSH done? Are there any additional connectors necessary?read more

standard calibration:

What is standard calibration?read more

types of connectors

Which kinds of connectors are used?read more

system configuration

Which information are important to find the right system for your application?read more

temperature range

What is the correct temperature range for using piezoelectrical actuators?read more

cryogenic application

What is important to know about cryogenic applications?read more

open loop mode: 100% motion - closed loop mode: 80% motion

Why can I reach in closed loop operation only 80% of the motion in open loop operation?read more

difference CAP - SG

What are the differences with closed loop systems between capacitive feedback sensor and strain gauge feedback sensor?read more

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