6 reason for piezo actuators by piezosystem jena:

  Sub-nanometer precision
  No mechanical play           
  Tailor-made solutions        
  Fast reaction times            
  Compact design                 
  Over 20 years experience

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Product Overview

Benefits of our Piezo Controllers

  Single- / multi-channel          modular
  Very low electronic noise level
  Digital and analog control/regulation
  Short response time
  High resolution
 Ideal for static/dynamic applications

Overview Amplifier Versions


A piezo ceramic expands once a current is applied (inverse piezo effect). This motion usually – depending on the material, its composition and the applied current – is in the micro-, nanometer- or even sub-nanometer range. Our piezo actuators use this effect as a driving force. The design of our different actuator series is developed according to the complex positioning needs of industry and research institutions.


All piezo positioners by piezosystem jena can be tailor-made according to your requirements. Individual development is key for us to ensure that you get the ideal solution for your specific application. Here, we support you all the way from the idea to the finished product and beyond. Contact our technical support team via usa(at)piezojena.com or call +49(0)364166880 to learn more.

The Company

We have over 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing piezoelectric actuators for micro- and nanopositioning. Thanks to cutting edge innovations in construction, like e.g. the NanoX® design, we became one of the worldwide leading companies for highly sophisticated positioning solutions.

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