Product Spotlight June: The PA/T Series

The PA/T models of piezo actuators are developed for flexible use in a variety of applications. These 1-axis positioning systems are based on the PA series design and have a ball-tip end piece to avoid shear forces as well as an...[more]


MIPOS 600 SG OEM: New Objective Positioner with up to 600 µm travel range

The MIPOS family of microscope objective positioners welcomes its newest member: the MIPOS 600 SG OEM. It can handle objectives with up to 40 mm in diameter and is ideally suited for applications like surface scanning, scan...[more]


Product Spotlight May: The PIA Series

“Shake it, don’t break it” This principle – which is of course overly simplified – sums up the operating principle of non-destructive testing methods. Here, the characteristics of materials and structures will be evaluated under...[more]


Product Spotlight April: The PENTOR

The PENTOR is a 5-axis piezo system for a large variety of nanopositioning purposes. This piezo stage offers motion of the X,Y and Z-axis as well as tilt along two orthogonal axis. The PENTOR was developed especially for complex...[more]


Press release: Fast reactions – piezosystem jena presents new CAN-Bus interface for digital piezo controllers

• piezosystem jena GmbH presents new CAN-Bus interface for digital piezo controllers/amplifiers• data transfer via CAN-Bus reduces reaction time of piezo actuators to under one Millisecond – ten times faster• long...[more]


Product Spotlight March: The ScanXY 40

The ScanXY 40 by piezosystem jena is a 2D positioner known for its extremely low reaction times.  Thanks to a construction design based on the nanoX concept – two stacks per axis moving in opposite directions – the ScanXY 40...[more]


New Image Video

For the W3+ Fair trade show in Wetzlar, piezosystem jena produced a short image clip highlighting our manufacturing process and the skilled people who work here. We hope you enjoy the video.[more]


Faster and less expensive test procedures thanks to Piezocomposite Actuators

Highly dynamic fatigue and endurance tests present a great challenge for test engineering. However, these testing procedures are indispensable for determining, for example, the longevity and long-term performance of materials....[more]


More Precise Nanopositioning with Intelligent Damping Methods

If a piezo actuator is controlled by a brief voltage pulse, in order to, for example, move the attached mirror to a new position, the piezo crystal expands within a specific rise time. In the process of moving, a damped vibration...[more]


Visit piezosystem jena at W3+ & Fair in Wetzlar

Over the last years, the W3+ & Fair in Wetzlar quickly became one of the go-to events in the optics industry. This year, from March 2nd till 3rd 2016, piezosystem jena will be there showcasing a variety of piezo actuators and...[more]


Product Spotlight: The TRITOR® series by piezosystem jena

The piezo actuators of the TRITOR® series for 3D nanopositioning is distinguished by a sleek, compact body design and a large aperture in the interior. This is ideal for a whole range of applications - such as for microscopy with...[more]


This is the actuator everyone’s talking about after Photonics West!

What do you usually tell your colleagues after a Photonics West conference? Good show? A lot of visitors? Interesting leads? That is great and all but what if you could tell them: „Colleagues, I saw the largest piezo actuator in...[more]


Special OEM Piezo Solutions at Photonics West 2016!

Piezosystem jena has prepared something special for this year’s Photonics West conference.  We are located at booth #4755 where we will be showcasing custom-made OEM solutions for nanopositioning, a wafer positioner for the...[more]


Incremental Trigger Function

Trigger signals dependent on the position of the stage[more]


New Product-Catalog from piezosystem jena

Positioning solutions with Sub-Nanometer-Precision; Movements up to Multiple Centimeters/ Inches[more]


NanoX – Bi-Directional Driving Mechanism

Extreme Stiffness and Nanometer Accuracy[more]


Beam Tracking with Mirror Tip- and Tilting System PKS1

In biology applications a laser beam is used for cell stimulation. First the laser beam is redirected onto 2 mirrors then directed to the cells. An important requirement, to hold the laser beam onto the cell is very difficult to...[more]


Specialized system – Piezo Micrometer Screw Drive MICI

Hybrid element that combines the advantages of long travel of micrometer screws, with the nm-accuracy of a piezo stage[more]


Application for beam shuttering – X-Ray Collimator 240

The Pure Edge 240 collimator is a system for adjustig the size of an output beam. Worldwide, users of synchrotrons have different requirements regarding the output beam. One very important aspect is adjusting the size of the...[more]


piezosystem jena introduces a new product line for motion control - linear & rotation drives, goniometer & controllers

Positioning in the millimeter range[more]


Incremental trigger function: New feature available on piezo digital amplifiers

· user optimized due to individual data selection· advanced triggering possibilities· time and cost savingsWhen monitoring and controlling in experiments, it is not always possible or necessary to continuously observe...[more]


From a Microscope to a Nanoscope

Super-Resolution STED Microscopy (Chemistry Nobel prize 2014)[more]


Shock wave generation with piezoelectrical shakers

Advantages of piezoelectrical shock wave generators[more]


Three-dimensional positioning system TRITOR320 for high loads

The TRITOR320 offered by piezosystem jena is a special development for highly accurate positioning needs. The TRITOR320 is characterized by excellent dynamics, even under heavy loads of up to 200N and provides a stroke in open...[more]


Piezo controller series NV120/1 and NV120/1 CLE for dynamic applications

piezosystem jena is a worldwide leader in nano and micro positioning.  Our piezo devices are ideal for any application where the high precision positioning of components is needed.  The NV120 series of piezo controllers...[more]

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