Product Spotlight August: The d-Drive pro

The d-Drivepro is a high end digital piezo amplifier for research institutions and industry customers with extremely high positioning demands. For example, it is possible to perform a precise circle motion directly via the...[more]


Product Spotlight July: The Piezo Gripper

The positioning or movement of fragile materials, small parts or micro systems needs actuators that are capable of precise and repeatable gripping motions without causing damage. The Piezo Gripper by piezosystem jena is an ideal...[more]


Product Spotlight June: The PA/T Series

The PA/T models of piezo actuators are developed for flexible use in a variety of applications. These 1-axis positioning systems are based on the PA series design and have a ball-tip end piece to avoid shear forces as well as an...[more]


MIPOS 600 SG OEM: New Objective Positioner with up to 600 µm travel range

The MIPOS family of microscope objective positioners welcomes its newest member: the MIPOS 600 SG OEM. It can handle objectives with up to 40 mm in diameter and is ideally suited for applications like surface scanning, scan...[more]


Product Spotlight May: The PIA Series

“Shake it, don’t break it” This principle – which is of course overly simplified – sums up the operating principle of non-destructive testing methods. Here, the characteristics of materials and structures will be evaluated under...[more]


Product Spotlight April: The PENTOR

The PENTOR is a 5-axis piezo system for a large variety of nanopositioning purposes. This piezo stage offers motion of the X,Y and Z-axis as well as tilt along two orthogonal axis. The PENTOR was developed especially for complex...[more]


Press release: Fast reactions – piezosystem jena presents new CAN-Bus interface for digital piezo controllers

• piezosystem jena GmbH presents new CAN-Bus interface for digital piezo controllers/amplifiers• data transfer via CAN-Bus reduces reaction time of piezo actuators to under one Millisecond – ten times faster• long...[more]


Product Spotlight March: The ScanXY 40

The ScanXY 40 by piezosystem jena is a 2D positioner known for its extremely low reaction times.  Thanks to a construction design based on the nanoX concept – two stacks per axis moving in opposite directions – the ScanXY 40...[more]


New Image Video

For the W3+ Fair trade show in Wetzlar, piezosystem jena produced a short image clip highlighting our manufacturing process and the skilled people who work here. We hope you enjoy the video.[more]


Faster and less expensive test procedures thanks to Piezocomposite Actuators

Highly dynamic fatigue and endurance tests present a great challenge for test engineering. However, these testing procedures are indispensable for determining, for example, the longevity and long-term performance of materials....[more]


More Precise Nanopositioning with Intelligent Damping Methods

If a piezo actuator is controlled by a brief voltage pulse, in order to, for example, move the attached mirror to a new position, the piezo crystal expands within a specific rise time. In the process of moving, a damped vibration...[more]


Visit piezosystem jena at W3+ & Fair in Wetzlar

Over the last years, the W3+ & Fair in Wetzlar quickly became one of the go-to events in the optics industry. This year, from March 2nd till 3rd 2016, piezosystem jena will be there showcasing a variety of piezo actuators and...[more]


Product Spotlight: The TRITOR® series by piezosystem jena

The piezo actuators of the TRITOR® series for 3D nanopositioning is distinguished by a sleek, compact body design and a large aperture in the interior. This is ideal for a whole range of applications - such as for microscopy with...[more]


This is the actuator everyone’s talking about after Photonics West!

What do you usually tell your colleagues after a Photonics West conference? Good show? A lot of visitors? Interesting leads? That is great and all but what if you could tell them: „Colleagues, I saw the largest piezo actuator in...[more]


Special OEM Piezo Solutions at Photonics West 2016!

Piezosystem jena has prepared something special for this year’s Photonics West conference.  We are located at booth #4755 where we will be showcasing custom-made OEM solutions for nanopositioning, a wafer positioner for the...[more]


Incremental Trigger Function

Trigger signals dependent on the position of the stage[more]


New Product-Catalog from piezosystem jena

Positioning solutions with Sub-Nanometer-Precision; Movements up to Multiple Centimeters/ Inches[more]


NanoX – Bi-Directional Driving Mechanism

Extreme Stiffness and Nanometer Accuracy[more]


Beam Tracking with Mirror Tip- and Tilting System PKS1

In biology applications a laser beam is used for cell stimulation. First the laser beam is redirected onto 2 mirrors then directed to the cells. An important requirement, to hold the laser beam onto the cell is very difficult to...[more]


Specialized system – Piezo Micrometer Screw Drive MICI

Hybrid element that combines the advantages of long travel of micrometer screws, with the nm-accuracy of a piezo stage[more]


Application for beam shuttering – X-Ray Collimator 240

The Pure Edge 240 collimator is a system for adjustig the size of an output beam. Worldwide, users of synchrotrons have different requirements regarding the output beam. One very important aspect is adjusting the size of the...[more]


piezosystem jena introduces a new product line for motion control - linear & rotation drives, goniometer & controllers

Positioning in the millimeter range[more]


Incremental trigger function: New feature available on piezo digital amplifiers

· user optimized due to individual data selection· advanced triggering possibilities· time and cost savingsWhen monitoring and controlling in experiments, it is not always possible or necessary to continuously observe...[more]


From a Microscope to a Nanoscope

Super-Resolution STED Microscopy (Chemistry Nobel prize 2014)[more]


Shock wave generation with piezoelectrical shakers

Advantages of piezoelectrical shock wave generators[more]

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