Acceleration sensor for hpower-Aktoren

For applications like vibration excitation or motion control the acceleration induced by the piezo actuator is an indispendable measurement and control variable. With the new acceleration sensor for hpower actuators piezosystem...[more]


Integrated force sensor for hpower actuators

piezosystem jena is now offering an integrated force sensor as additional option for hpower actuators. The sensor is fully integrated into the actuators’ housing, making it possible to detect the forces acting on the piezo...[more]


Introducing hpower – the new force in dynamic applications

high power actuators from piezosystem jena[more]


SCANIUS-LINE – Moving into a new direction

The new SCANIUS-LINE combines long travel with the accuracy and load capacity of a piezo drive in a compact design.Fast - moving speed up to 160 mm/s²^Precise – sensor resolution down to 40 nmFlexible - travel range of up to...[more]


Product Spotlight September: New compact digital piezo controller

24DV40 - the new digital piezo controller with automatic actuator detectionpiezosystem jena has expanded its portfolio of innovative digital piezo controllers.Designed primarily for labs and industrial customers, the 24DV40...[more]


Product Spotlight December: Customer Request – Special Calibration

piezosystem jena offering a special calibration for all closed loop systemsClosed loop positioning solutions offered by piezosystem jena are typically delivered with a standard calibration. We guarantee that the stages safely...[more]


Produkt Spotlight November: new firmware and improved filters

piezosystem jena offers a more effective closed loop control for piezo actuators, including a feed forward system and customized filters. These new features available with our digital controllers differ significantly from...[more]


Product Spotlight October: New trigger functions

Digital controllers from piezosystem jena now have enhanced trigger capabilities. Offering better trigger signals than ever before.There are applications where pure positioning is not enough, and additional operations have to...[more]


Product Spotlight September: PX 1500

Piezoelectric actuators and stages are known for their precision in the nanometer and sub-nanometer regime. However, such accuracy comes with some compromise: Strokes are usually in the µm range. For most applications, this is...[more]


Product Spotlight August: Vacuum actuators

All piezo actuators and stages by piezosystem jena can be used in low vacuum environments. In High Vacuum (HV) up to 10-7 mbar or Ultra High Vacuum (UHV), 10-7 mbar and below, however, certain customizations have to be made. In...[more]


Product Spotlight July: NanoX®

Conventional piezo stages are usually designed in a way that the direction of motion of the piezo stacks is identical per axis. The forces generated by those stacks is then translated by solid state hinges. In dynamic operation...[more]


Strong Partners in Motion - Nanomotion products now available via piezosystem jena

Nanomotion Ltd and piezosystem jena GmbH are pleased to announce a joint collaboration. Under the scope of a new agreement, piezosystem jena will serve as a distributor in Central Europe (D-A-CH region) for Nanomotion positioning...[more]


Product Spotlight June: The PU Series

The PU series by piezosystem jena offers customers unique flexibility. These 1-axis positioners are freely combinable with each other. Customers can create multi-axes systems, even with different strokes for each individual axis,...[more]


Product Spotlight May: PKS Mirror Tilting Systems

The fast adjustment of mirrors in complex optical setups without compromising precision is crucial. Often, there is only a millisecond window to adjust a mirror or a lens. For such applications, piezosystem jena developed the PKS...[more]


Product Spotlight April: PZS Piezo-Slit/Shutter

The PZS by piezosystem jena was one of the first piezo slit systems worldwide. These slits/shutters are used in laser beam collimation, spectroscopy and other related applications. Today the PZS series consists of several models...[more]


Product Spotlight March: The PSt Series

PSt actuators are some of the most versatile of the Piezocomposite line by piezosystem jena. These stack type actuators are being successfully used by many companies and research institution with applications requiring high force...[more]


Product Spotlight February: Piezo Actuators for Cryogenic Environments

Cryogenic environments below – 150 °C have tough requirements on materials and equipment in general working under those conditions. Of course, piezo actuators are no exception here. Some metals get brittle if temperatures decline...[more]


piezosystem jena at Photonics West 2017

Image: Vibration Excitation and Damping Demonstration at Photonics West 2017Once again, Photonics West 2017 in San Francisco was the gathering point of the worldwide optics and photonics industry. piezosystem jena was...[more]


Dutch Delegation Visited piezosystem jena

The official visit of Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands on February 8 in Jena was all about optical technologies. piezosystem jena was happy to be one stop for a business delegation consisting of over 50...[more]


Product Spotlight January: Ring Actuators R/RA

Ring actuators are often used in optical applications such as laser beam steering, fiber alignment or AFM scanning. In order to achieve optimal positioning results, these actuators have to fulfill a number of tough requirements....[more]


Product Spotlight November: Die MIPOS R120

For Microscopy applications using multiple lenses in fast alternation, piezosystem jena developed a very special MIPOS model: The MIPOS R120. This piezo stage positions the whole lens revolver. Users can easily switch between...[more]


Product Spotlight October: MICI Piezo Micrometer Screw Positioner

Motion range and resolution of a chosen linear stages depend on the initial requirements of an application and its purpose. You choose a system which fits your current requirements best. Over time however, requirements can...[more]


Product Spotlight September: PSH Mirror Tilting Stages

The PSH series by piezosystem jena offers cutting-edge tip/-tilt stages to best serve the increasingly high requirements for mirror tilting and beam steering in research and engineering environments.Image: PSH 25-2The...[more]


Feed forward feature for digital piezo controllers

From now on, regulators of digital piezo controllers by piezosystem jena contain a practical feed forward feature. How does that affect positioning?Thanks to combining controller output and reference input, the overall...[more]


Visit us at Micronora in France!

From 27th till 30th September we will be at Micronora in Besançon, France. The trade show for micro technologies is all about trend topics such as miniaturization and micro production. Piezo technology can help make...[more]

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