Strong Partners in Motion - Nanomotion products now available via piezosystem jena

Nanomotion Ltd and piezosystem jena GmbH are pleased to announce a joint collaboration. Under the scope of a new agreement, piezosystem jena will serve as a distributor in Central Europe (D-A-CH region) for Nanomotion positioning stage products. Nanomotion & piezosystem jena will also collaborate on product solutions that utilize both ultrasonic standing wave piezo motors and traditional piezo actuation.

piezosystem jena GmbH is proud to announce a collaboration with the long travel specialists from Nanomotion Ltd. From now on, the motors and stages by Nanomotion are available via piezosystem jena in the DACH region. Nanomotion develops and manufactures piezo-based ultrasonic drives and motion systems. 

The collaboration exceeds pure distribution as Dr. Bernt Götz, CEO of piezosystem jena, explains: “The partnership between our two companies provides crucial benefits for industrial and scientific customers. Upon request, long travel and nanopositioning systems can be combined to create positioning solutions that achieve sub-nanometer resolutions without travel restrictions. In the past, customers had to compromise when looking for systems that can do both. Not anymore.” 

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“This collaboration will allow us, collectively, to bring solutions to the marketplace that leverage high precision and fast scanning of actuator-flexure assemblies, along with unlimited travel and high resolution position stability of stages with ultrasonic standing wave motors.”, adds Alan Feinstein, Vice President of Nanomotion Ltd, about the technological advantages of such systems.

Nanomotion’s unique ultrasonic standing wave motion principle allows for unlimited, hysteresis-free travel with variable velocities from 1µm/s up to 300 mm/s. A piezo block is excited to ultrasonic levels and creates a standing wave motion which in turn moves a positioning unit, e.g. a linear, rotary or tilt stage. The motors can be combined, depending on how many motion axes or force is required. Standard systems by Nanomotion work in UHV environments and custom configurations are available, including non-magnetic stages.

About Nanomotion Ltd

Nanomotion Ltd. headquartered in Israel, is a subsidiary of Johnson Electric Company. The Johnson Electric Company is one of the world's largest providers of micro motors and integrated motor systems to global customers in the automotive, power tools, home appliances, business equipment, audio-visual and personal care sectors. Johnson Electric is headquartered in Hong Kong and employs over 33,000 people in 15 countries worldwide. Johnson Electric Holdings Limited is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (code 179) and is a constituent of the Hang Seng Index. For further information please visit: nanomotion.com


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  • Piezoline: detailed description of piezo-technology
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