Reservoir exploration and oil production with piezocomposites

Piezocomposites in Measurement/Logging While Drilling (M/LWD) under rough down hole conditions like high temperature/high pressure (HT/HP)

To remain competitive is one main challenge for oil and gas producing companies. To master these challenge it is necessary to explore and exploit an oil reservoir economic. To determine the parameters of the well and the surrounding formation, during the drilling process, saves production time. In the down hole the components must withstand specific rough conditions like high temperatures and high pressure (HT/HP). With the piezocomposite actuators piezosystem jena provides a good means to achieve these giv-en tasks. The piezocomposites have a working temperature over 200°C/400°F. This temperature is according to the ultra HT range.

Thus piezocomposite actuators from piezosystem jena are well suited to work under the environmental conditions in the well.

For the operation in measurement/logging while drilling piezo­composites can generate frequencies well above 8 kHz. This makes it possible to generate sound signals they differ from the noise of the drill bit. These signals can be used to collect borehole parameters like density of the formation (pore size) and cracks in the formation rock or the well coating (well stability). In contrast to ultra sonic transducers piezocomposites are able to work in a wide frequency spectrum. They can also generate pulses of high energy.

An example of the use of piezocomposite actuators is the measurement of the pore pressure of a formation. In this field piezocomposite actuators are already used. Piezocomposites generate an oscillating movement in the ambient fluid. The oscillation prevents the pores of the formation interface to become clogged by solid particles. Thus the pressure measurement becomes more accuracy and much faster.

Applied in the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) piezocomposites enables the fast and accurate capture of borehole parameters and increase the production time.

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