PZ 100 CAP: compact piezo actuator equipped with capacitive measurement system

In addition to linear x- and x/y positioning systems, piezosystem jena also offers compact positioning systems for movement in the z-direction with the PZ series. This completes a comprehensive and cost effective product range for our customers. These positioning elements can easily be used in a modular fashion and can be customized for different applications. The maximum motion of the PZ 100 series is 100 microns.

The sophisticated monolithic guidance design of the solid flexure hinges means the trajectory is free of mechanical play and friction. Due to FEA-optimization of these stages, the highest dynamic performance and excellent guiding accuracy are achieved. The z-positioning actuators have a typical resonant frequency within the range of 500-750 Hz. This makes the PZ series suitable for dynamic use without any difficulty.

If required, a measurement system can be intergrated to guarantee high positioning accuracy. Equipped with a capacitive measurement system, the PZ 100 has a positioning resolution of <1 nm!
Vacuum and cryogenic versions are available upon request. The PZ series is suitable for a variety of applications including fiber positioning, laser optics, and measurement technology, as well as microscopy and micro manipulators, e.g. in precision mechanics and microsystems technology.

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