Product Spotlight June: The PA/T Series

PA/T piezo actuator with M14 outside thread

piezo actuator of the PA/T series

The PA/T models of piezo actuators are developed for flexible use in a variety of applications. These 1-axis positioning systems are based on the PA series design and have a ball-tip end piece to avoid shear forces as well as an integrated preload. The upper end has a M14 outside thread to screw the PA/Ts tightly and easily into the target construction.

The PA/T piezo actuators handle loads of up to 850 N and generate forces of up to 150 N. The case design and the integrated springs allow for movement without mechanical play. Up to 105 µm of motion range are possible. To reduce drift and hysteresis a positioning feedback sensor can be integrated. The typical resolution is in the sub-nm range. 

Applications with high dynamic – like for example vibration generation and damping or injection valve control - are ideal for the PA/Ts among many others. Versions for vacuum or cryogenic applications are also available.

Depending on the application, digital or analog piezo controllers can be used. Our engineering team will advise you personally which amplifiers are ideal for your individual use case. 

More information about the PA/T series can be found on our dedicated product page, in our catalog or directly from us via info(at)piezojena.com or +49 (0) 3641 66880.

Product Catalog from piezosystem jena

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  • Piezoelements with nanometer-precision
  • Piezocomposite- High-Load-Actuators
  • Motion Control elements
  • Piezoline: detailed description of piezo-technology
  • Extensive explanation of the technology of High-Load-Actuators

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