Product Spotlight August: Vacuum actuators

All piezo actuators and stages by piezosystem jena can be used in low vacuum environments. In High Vacuum (HV) up to 10-7 mbar or Ultra High Vacuum (UHV), 10-7 mbar and below, however, certain customizations have to be made. In order to construct the best possible actuator for you, some information is necessary beforehand.

First of all, in what kind of vacuum is the stage or actuator supposed to operate. For HV and UHV certain materials cannot be used because of their ability to outgas under such conditions. Therefore, HV and UHV piezo systems by piezosystem jena do not come with anodized chassis and potting. To avoid outgassing from the piezo ceramic itself, the individual stacks are isolated. In order to release internal pressure, piezosystem jena designed some additional holes into the chassis. 

Temperature is another major factor influencing performance. In cryogenic environments for example the stroke diminishes compared to ambient conditions. An actuator that does 100 µm motion at 20°C moves about 5 to 10 µm at -200°C. Therefore, the system has to be adjusted accordingly if a customer wants to achieve a certain stroke under such conditions.

The devil is also in the details. Cables used in HV and UHV need customization as well. Depending on the requirements, piezosystem jena offers cables with Kapton or Teflon coating as well as suitable flanges for the vacuum chamber.

Image: PSH 10/2 VAC und PXY 100 Cryo – optimized for extreme conditions

Special features of vacuum actuators by piezosystem jena:


  • No anodization
  • Special isolation of the piezo stacks to avoid outgassing
  • No potting
  • Actuators body with additional holes for pressure compensation
  • Additional cleaning step to avoid pollution in customers factory
  • Kapton or Teflon cable coating
  • Flanges for vacuum chambers
  • Special materials for cryogenic environments, e.g. copper beryllium, among other

You have questions about vacuum and/or cryo actuators? Contact our technical sales team for advice.  Call +49(0)364166880, use our contact form or write to info(at)piezojena.com.

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