Product Spotlight August: The d-Drive pro

The d-Drive pro is a high-end piezo amplifier with low electric noise levels and high resolution.

Digital Piezo-Controller d-Drive pro: extremely low electric noise (0,15 mV) makes positioning more precise.

The d-Drivepro is a high end digital piezo amplifier for research institutions and industry customers with extremely high positioning demands. For example, it is possible to perform a precise circle motion directly via the controller (or via Service-Tool). A feature which is useful for many high precision applications, like drilling holes with laser beams. piezosystem jena developed the controller specifically for complex use cases and made the device as flexible as possible. There is a variety of features which allow the user to adjust and program functions and individualize the controller for these very sophisticated application designs.

The 24Bit resolution mixed with an extremely low electric noise (just 0,15 mVRMS@500Hz) of this digital piezo amplifier allows for very precise positioning of piezo actuators. Up to three axis can be synchronized simultaneously. Each axis offers 120 mA of power. The FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) makes it possible for the controller to parallely process sensor data from multiple sources in real time. Step and precision function are freely programmable. The d-Drivepro can be operate arbitrary as well as vector functions. Scanning of nearly all forms and shapes is possible.

Notch filter, low pass filter and slew rate are integrated as well. The practical ASI and ASC features (Automatic Sensor Identification and Automatic Sensor Calibration) give users the possibility to comfortably switch actuators in the field. 

There are many optional features available, like digital in- and output, trigger input or automatic identification of the resonant frequency, among many others. The instruction set of the d-Drive® was carried over to easily use the d-Drivepro with a PC. Standard interfaces include RS232, USB, Ethernet, modulation input and monitor output. CAN, RS485 and RS422 interfaces are optionally available. 

To learn which configuration of the d-Drivepro is the best fit for your application, please contact our technical support for advice. Write to sales(at)piezojena.com or call +49(0)364166880. 

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