NanoX – Bi-Directional Driving Mechanism

Extreme Stiffness and Nanometer Accuracy

Image 1: conventional 1 axis piezostage

Image 2: nanoX principle

Conventional 1 axis piezostages are operated by a single piezostack integrated into a hinge design for better straightness and larger motion (Image 1). The stack generates pressure forces into the direction of motion. In opposite direction the stages are weaker, tensile forces exceeding the internal preload can lead to a damage of the system.

In contrast , the nanoX technology allows the operation of two piezos in an active bi-directional way. The movement is realized by 2 piezo-ceramics which are electrical driven in opposite directions. Both ceramics work on the same axis (Image 2) and therefore allow the stage to withstand pressure and tensile forces.

Operating principle nanoX

While one piezo is charged the other is discharged at the same time. Due to this unique design nanoX stages have a higher stiffness over conventional stages – this makes them the perfect solution for precise and dynamic movements as well as scanning requirements.

Piezosystem Jena provides different stages working with the nanoX principle. They can provide a level of stiffness of up to 1.1 N/µm for 240 microns motion. Stages with motion up to 480 microns are also available and can be combined to multiaxis systems.

Stages based on the nanoX technology provide high performance and accuracy, suitable for applications in the field of semiconductor, automation, dynamic scanning- and positioning tasks, as well as for active dampening and vibration control.

Specifications of the nanoX technology:

  • Extreme stiffness up to 1.1 N/µm for a movement of 240 microns
  • High dynamics up to 700 Hz
  • 1 or 2 axis movement with nanometer accuracy
  • Short settling and rise times
  • Active push- and pull-force – resulting active dampening, vibration control, high load range, excellent guiding qualities
  • Positioning without mechanical play
  • Inside aperture for light beam guidance
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Superior scanning behavior

Overview of the nanoX - High-Speed Positioners

Product Catalog from piezosystem jena

  • Application examples of piezo positioners
  • Piezoelements with nanometer-precision
  • Piezocomposite- High-Load-Actuators
  • Motion Control elements
  • Piezoline: detailed description of piezo-technology
  • Extensive explanation of the technology of High-Load-Actuators

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