Expansion of nanoSXY series

The nanoSXY series comprises piezo stages designed for ultra fast and precise positioning of optical and mechanical components. In addition to elements of the nanoSXY 400 series with 400 microns of travel, piezosystem jena now presents the new nanoSXY 120 series.

These elements provide a maximum motion of 120 microns in both axes. The FEA designed actuating system based on flexure hinges guarantees excellent guidance accuracy without parasitic motion. It was especially optimized for high z-axis stiffness. The durability of the nanoSXY makes this series of stages an excellent choice for permanent use in industrial applications. With their exceedingly high dynamic properties and an exceptionally high resolution, the elements of the nanoSXY 120 series meet the demands of high resolution positioning applications. The systems are also suitable for use as scanning stages, for all kinds of microscopy, and for applications in the field of materials research and the semiconductor industries.

Product Catalog from piezosystem jena

  • Application examples of piezo positioners
  • Piezoelements with nanometer-precision
  • Piezocomposite- High-Load-Actuators
  • Motion Control elements
  • Piezoline: detailed description of piezo-technology
  • Extensive explanation of the technology of High-Load-Actuators

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