Customer-specific solutions by piezosystem jena

piezosystem jena offers its customers the integration of specified components in in-house products

If an existing construction has to be expanded or to be retooled the control and evaluation units of sensor systems or drive units are mostly very expensive. Often there is a high experience in the company with these systems and it should not get lost. Or the requirement of accuracy makes a concrete solution essential.
piezosystem jena offers its customers the combination of their special components with in-house products to provide the best solution. The range of products goes from ordinary measurement systems (e. g. capacitive sensors, strain gauges, inductive (eddy–current) sensors etc.) to optical elements or alternative drive units like piezo motors.
piezosystem jena offers a high experience with piezo electrical components and connection mechanism, a huge number of different sensor types, optical components and driving concepts. Therefore piezosystem jena will find the best solution for your application and carry it out.

Application example

For a auto focus device consisting of costumer parts like optical elements, multiple sensors and control units combined with the highly precise actuators, amplifiers and digital controllers from piezosystem jena a solution was developed, that fulfilled the costumers specifications.For further information about our products and costumer specified solutions please call (+49) 3641 66880, send an email to info(at)piezojena.com or visit www.piezojena.com.

Product Catalog from piezosystem jena

  • Application examples of piezo positioners
  • Piezoelements with nanometer-precision
  • Piezocomposite- High-Load-Actuators
  • Motion Control elements
  • Piezoline: detailed description of piezo-technology
  • Extensive explanation of the technology of High-Load-Actuators

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Please contact our technical staff for further assistance. Together with you we will find a solution for your needs.

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