Digital Holographic Capture and Optoelectronic Reconstruction for 3D Displays

abstract & download

PZ 38

Generation of narrowband subpicosecond midinfrared pulses via difference frequency mixing of chirped near-infrared pulses

abstract & download

PX 100

Imaging with neutral atoms—a new matter-wave microscope

abstract & download

PXY 100

Improving contrast and sectioning power in confocal imaging by third harmonic generation in SiOxnanocrystallites

abstract & download


Microvalve thickness and topography measurements in microfluidic devices by white-light confocal microscopy

abstract & download

PZ 100

Non-invasive Imaging of Breast Cancer With Diffusing Near-Infrared Light

abstract & download

9x1 Optical Switch

Overview of the development of a visual based automated bio-micromanipulation system

abstract & download

Supply -custom PZT

Self-Enclosed All-Fiber In-Line Etalon Strain Sensor Micromachined by 157-nm Laser Pulses

abstract & download

PU 40

Spectroscopic characterization and microscopic imaging of extracted and in situ cutaneous collagen and elastic tissue components under two-photon excitation

abstract & download

PXY 200

The PRIMA fringe sensor unit

abstract & download

NanoX® CAP

Time-lapse FRET microscopy using fluorescence anisotropy

abstract & download


Water slip and friction at a solid surface

abstract & download


Zinc Oxide Nanocrystals for Non-resonant Nonlinear Optical Microscopy in Biology and Medicine

abstract & download

MIPOS 100 inverted

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