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Overview Piezoactuators

Stack Type Actuators

  • Series P/PHL/PA/PAHL - Stack type actuator; motion: 4 µm - 200 µm
  • Series N - Stack type actuators without housing; motion: 2 µm - 103 µm
  • Series R/RA - Ring actuators; motion: 12 µm - 50 µm
  • Series PA/T - Stack type actuator with outside threading; motion: 42 µm - 105 µm
  • Series P xx/S13 - Hermetically insulated stack type actuators

1-Axis Stages

2-Axis Stages

High Speed Stages

Multi Axes Stages

Tilting Systems

Lens Positioner

Special Systems





  • Types of integrated measurement systems


  • Accessories - Adapter and extension cables

General Remarks for Piezo Technology

  • General Remarks - Important notes for using piezoelectric actuators


  • Piezoline - Details and directions for handling of piezoelectric powered nanopositioning- und drive systems

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