Tailored Optical Fibers (TOF)

Development of a technology platform for tailor-made, specialized optical fibers. The TOF project is a cooperative effort of 18 companies and 3 research institutions. 

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Piezo positioned micro optic hybrid systems for Endoscopy and Biophotonics using GRIN optics, free form mciro optics and diffractive optics

2015 VF 0006

Supporting Institution: Thüringer Aufbaubank

Sub-project: Piezo drives for micro optic hybrid systems

Project Nr.: 2015 FE 9014


The scientific and technical goals of the project are the development of miniaturized scanning drives for Endo-microscopy and optical coherence tomography as well as evaluation of possible other applications for miniaturized, moving, optical systems.

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Development of a highly dynamic piezoelectric XYZ top scanning unit and a corresponding piezo controller for a new, compact, industrial grade Atomic Force Microscope.

2015 VF 0030

Supporting Institution: Thüringer Aufbaubank

Sub-project: Development of highly dynamic XYZ top scanning unit

Project-Nr.: 2015 FE 9085


The goal is to develop a piezo-based scanning unit for an industrial grade AFM that enables the fast and precise measurement and characterization of inorganic and organic surfaces. The XYZ scanner will consist of three sub-systems: 1. A fast scanner, 2. a fast and sensitive Cantilever and 3. a fast controller unit. piezosystem jena will be developing the scanning unit (1.) and the corresponding controller (3.).

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