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Established in 1991, piezosystem jena offers piezo micro positioning, piezo nano positioning and metrology solutions to the semiconductor, microscopy and synchrotron community. We have an extensive knowledge and in-depth technical expertise in the application of piezo technology to nano positioning tasks, and in the design of piezo flexure stages and development of piezomechanical systems.

Piezo based instruments are equipped with our unique piezo technology and offer XY or 3D motion with nearly unlimited resolution. Our metrology lab, with high resolution distance measuring interferometers, allows us to perform tests on custom loading configurations of piezo stages, z-axis microscopy piezo elements and piezo actuator systems with a resolution down to 50 picometers. Accurate determination of primary resonances is one of many services we can offer to our customers, ensuring that the system we provide will meet the most demanding nano positioning tasks. 

piezosystem jena's real strength comes from our commitment to complete customer satisfaction in the markets we serve. The partnerships we form with our clientele in applications such as super resolution microscopy, AFM, process control, semiconductor metrology and nanopositioning for synchrotron radiation are long-lasting and mutually beneficial. Our knowledge in piezo technology comes as much from our interaction as consultants as it does from our own research.

Outstanding Characteristics of Piezo Elements:

  • Nearly unlimited resolution of the movement (sub nm)
  • Extemely high maximum compressive forces (multiple kN)
  • Movement without any mechanical play
  • Very short response times
  • No mechanical wear
  • Suitable for vacuum applications
  • Suitable for cryogenic temperatures

piezosystem jena develops and manufatures precision systems e.g. for the following high-tech markets:

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