Wafer inspection system/Semiconductor manufacturing

The current standard wafer has a diameter of 8". The industry is moving towards manufacturing larger wafers.  Technologies for production processes such as stealth dicing, lithography, doping, implanting, planarization makes precise positioning of the bigger substrates a must. Thin film technology places great demands on the substrates and their structures.

piezosystem jena now offers a positioning system for the inspection of the new larger wafers. This system is designed to position wafers with a diameter up to 12" using precise hold and repeat positioning with the same precise precision. The system can be used as an automated inline controller or as a stand-alone positioner. The highly precise positioning system allows steady processes in production and process control. The new system will also shorten cycle times in quality control. Piezosystem Jena's new system offers positioning in microseconds with steps of a few microns with repeatability in nanometers. Your crucial data will be obtained quickly with excellent performance and value.

Furthermore, surface measurements are possible via AFM microscopy. This allows for new testing procedures reagarding semiconductor manufacturing.  Piezosystem jena's 3-axis positioning system  TRITOR® 102 allows for movements free of play in XYZ with up to 100 μm travel range. This system is ideally suited for demanding AFM and scanning applications.

Wafer Positioning System PZ 250 CAP WL 

Step Repeatability of 2 nm


  • Semiconductor and solar producing
  • Lithography
  • Display production
  • Surface structuring
  • Surface inspection
  • Measurement chips
  • Measurement of conductor tracks
  • Measurement systems
  • Quality control
  • Bonding-technology

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