Overview of applications for specific products of piezosystem jena


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Beam Shuttering


Optical beam

Beam shaping 

piezo positionier PX 1500
shutter/slit systems series PZS

X-Ray- and synchrotron-applications

shutter/slit systems series PZS

Beam Tracking


Beam  tracking

piezo mirror tilting system PKS 1


Patch clamp

piezo actuators series P
piezoelectrical actuators series N
piezo actuators series PA
nano positioners PX
nanoX positioner


piezo actuators series P
stack type actuators series N
stack type actuators series PA
nano positioner PX
nanopositioning systems PXY (two axes)
3D piezo positioner TRITOR

Eye tracking

mirror tilting systems series PSH
piezo stages PX (one direction)
high speed positioner nanoX

Cell tracking

nano stages series PX (one direction)
piezo positioner PXY
piezo focus lens positioning system MIPOS


objective lens positioning systems series MIPOS



Sample positioning

positionings systems PX (2 axes)
positioning systems TRITOR (3 axes)
high speed piezo stage nanoX
nanopositioners PXPZ
stack  actuators PA

Scanning AFM, RAMAN,
SNOM, E-Beam

nano positioning stages TRITOR
precision stages PXY
high speed nano positioners series nanoX
objective scan systems MIPOS

Micro lens/ 
micro objective positioning

objective positioners series MIPOS

Material Science



piezo positioner series PX (one axis)
piezo positioning systems series PZ (one axis)
piezo positioning systems PXY (two axes)
piezo positioners TRITOR (three axes)
high speed positioner nanoX
PA stack actuators
5 axes positioner PENTOR
micrometer screw drive MICI
piezo driven gripper

Damping & oscillation


stack actuators series PA
piezo actuators PAHL
ring actuators RA


objective lens positioners series MIPOS

Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing


Active Positioning

piezo actuators series PA
linear translation stage series PU
ultra fast scanner nanoX
one direction translation stage PX,
two direction translation stages PXY
three direction precision stages TRITOR
micrometer screw drive MICI

Structural adaption

high speed positioners series nanoX
piezo actuators series PA,
stack actuators series PAHL
linear translation stages series PU

Vibration cancellation

piezo actuators series PA
stack actuators series PAHL



Mask alignment 

x positioners series PX
xy positioners PXY
xyz positioners TRITOR


objective scan systems series MIPOS
z positioners PZ
precision systems series PU
xyz piezo systems TRITOR


objective piezo systems series MIPOS
precision stages XY (in two directions)
precision stages XYZ TRITOR
z nano positioners PZ
piezo high speed positioners nanoSXY

Wafer inspection

objective piezo scan systems series MIPOS
nano positioning stages PXY
three axes piezo stage TRITOR
z translation stages PZ

Wafer positioning

linear piezo translation system series PU
precise positioning systems PZ
stack type actuators series PA
PXY nano positioners
high speed positiners nanoX

Valve Technology


Microfluid & air

nanopositioning stages series PX 500
x translation stages PX
high speed stages nanoX
stack type actuators series PA

Fiber Optics


Fiber alignment

3 axes positioning system
5 axes positioning system PENTOR

Fiber adjustment and testing

three dimensional nano system
micrometer screw drive MICI

Fiber coupling

piezo driven gripper system GRIPPY
3D nanopositioning system TRITOR

Fiber stretching and modulation

stack type actuators series N
piezo actuators series P
shutter/slit systems PZS



small components

piezo actuators series PA
nano stages series PX
nano stages series PZ
translation system PXY (2 axes)
precision stages TRITOR (3 axes)
precision stages PENTOR (5 axes)
micrometer screw drives MICI

Nano-positioning larger

stack type actuators series PAHL
piezo scanners series PX
piezo scanners series PZ
nanopositioning systems PU
nanopositioning systems TRITOR
high speed positioners nanoX

Small Components 
(up to 500g)

Piezo stack actuators series PA
Nanopositioning systems PX in x axis
Nano positioners PZ in z axis
Piezo positioner XY in 2 axes
Nano positioner TRITOR in 3 axes
5 axes piezo system PENTOR

(up to 1000g mass)

Stack type actuators series PHL
Piezo actuators series PAHL
Nano positioners PX (in x axis)
Nanopositioning systems PZ (in z axis)
Linear translation stages series PU
Piezo positioning systems TRITOR
High speed positioners nanoX

Oscillation Elimination

Stack actuators series PA
Piezo stack actuators series PAHL
Ring actuators RA



Laser beam stabilization

 Stack type actuators P,
 Mirror tilting systems PSH,
 Ring actuators R, RA

Laser tuning

 Stack type actuators series P, R, RA,
 Nano positioners PX,
 Nano positioners PXY,
 High speed piezo stage nanoX

Laser beam focusing

 Ring actuators series R, RA,
 Objective positioning systems MIPOS,
 3 axes precision stages TRITOR,
 High speed positioners nanoX

Laser cavity adjustment

 Ring actuators series R, RA

Laser beam switching

 Mirror tilting systems series PSH,
 Stack type actuators PA, RA

Laser beam steering 
 and stabilization

 Mirror tilting systems series PSH,
 Stack actuators PPAPHL
 Ring actuators R, RA

Mirror tilt & tip

 Series PSHPAN

Mirror shifters

 Series PSH

Mirror adjustment

 High dynamical stages nanoX

Electro optics positioning

 3 dimensional positioning stage series TRITOR,
 2 axes stages PXY,
 1 axis translation stages PXPZ

Image stabilization

 Objective positioning systems series MIPOS,
 Nanopositioning systems PXY (two directions)


 Objective scanning systems series MIPOS
 Ring actuators RA



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