3D-Surface Inspection of Hone-Structures of Engines Using nanoX 240 SG

Design Shematic for cylindrical scanner
Image by Breitmeier Messtechnik GmbH
NanoX 240 SG piezo stage
Cylinder Scanner NanoX 240 SG

Honing of cylinder surfaces is a common way to extend the life of combustion engines, reduce pollution and save resources. Honing processes are becoming more complex. The need of detailed analysis of these structures has increased dramatically. White light interferometry is used to produce high resolution pictures for inspection. Precise motion of the objective is essential.  piezosystem jena modified the nanoX 240 SG for inspection of cylinders The cylinder scanner nanoX 240 SG is designed to complete this task.  It moves high loads in any direction very precisely with its temperature compensated design. The scanner is used to move objectives which are mounted to it.  It has a focusing range of 200 microns with a resolution down to 5 nm. The feedback of the internal strain gage sensors are the base for creating 3D-images. The nanoX 240 SG can be used in combination with the controller 30DV50 for step scanning or for continuous scanning. The small diameter of the cylinder scanner (CylScan from Breitmeier) is used for all size cylinders of cars and utility vehicles. It is used for quality control and numerous measuring tasks.


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Piezo Positionier Made For White Light Interferometry

Special MIPOS system 16-158
MIPOS 16-158

In the field of 3D surface measurement, white light interferometry has become one of the most effective methods. Piezoelectric actuators are able to significantly improve accuracy and speed due to their virtually unlimited resolution and fast response time.

piezosystem jena presents the new MIPOS 16-158 - specifically designed for high precision positioning of optical systems with an accuracy in the sub-nanometer range. The high resolution and fast response time of the MIPOS 16 offer new possibilities for interferometry.
Based on its unique design with a 104 mm aperture and a stage height of 42 mm, the MIPOS 16-158 offers technical specifications matching the requirements of white light interferometry.
The MIPOS 16-158 can achieve a focus range up to 16µm and single step resolution of less than 0.1nm, while operating in a voltage range between - 20 and 130 V. The MIPOS 16-158 is made for integration into metrology set-ups and devices.


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MIPOS System For Metrology

Design Sketch

The robust drive is equipped with a high resolution piezo based actuating system. The internal mechanical pre-load design enables the MIPOS to operate in high dynamic environments while settling time is reduced down to microseconds.
A further key feature is the high load capability of 3kg (6pounds). Optical setups and components can be moved horizontally and vertically without affecting accuracy and speed.

The MIPOS 16-158 can be easily controlled by an analog low voltage signal. Therefore, piezosystem jena provides a wide range of low signal noise piezo amplifier.


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MIPOS Series

Lens focusing devices: The series MIPOS actuators were developed for the fine adjustment of micro objective lenses and for the adjustment of the whole nosepieces (MIPOS N90). They provide a motion range from 20 µm  up to 500 µm  Position accuracy and resolution are extraordinary high. Therefore, the MIPOS series is the perfect upgrade for modern microscopes.

  • Focus range up to 500 µm
  • Threading size available for all standard microscopes
  • Easy assembling and disassembling by Flex-Adapter mechansim
  • Spacer rings prafocal for tube extension
  • Compatible to standard and inverted microscopes

Thread size available: MIPOS systems can be equipped with available standard micro objective thread sizes from Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Olympus. Exchangeable thread adapter makes the adjustment of the MIPOS easy to use with every single thread size from W0.8 x 1/3” up to M32 x 0.75.

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PXY AP Series - XY Sample Scanning Stage With Nanometer Accuracy


Series PXY AP is designed specifically for the fast XY positioning of probes under nanometer accuracy. The positioning stage can be mounted on top of microscope stages or by using of an inverted microscope on the stand itself.

A large inside aperture (100x100mm) offers space for probe mounting. The motion can be adjusted within a range from 24µm up to 700µm according to the requirements.

  • Extremely low-profile (height of 16 mm) for microscopy integration
  • Sample positioning including slides, dishes, SBS
  • Designed for fast line scanning without trajectory motion
  • Mounts onto microscope stage or microscopy stands

Applications: The stage series PXY AP is especially suited for all kind of high resolution microscopy application or application closed to a microscopy setup.


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