X-Ray Collimation

Current techniques in x-ray microscopy, crystallography and small angle x-ray scattering require extremely well collimated beams. In order to achieve the best signal to noise ratio in an x-ray system, the aperture size should be as closely matched as possible to the sample size.

Most x-ray systems use a pinhole aperture that has been drilled or laser ablated from a tungsten or tantalum disk of material. In practice this means that for every new sample size, the pinhole should be removed and a new size needs to be inserted.

With the PureEdge system you can achieve virtually scatter free collimation combined with a variable aperture and visual alignment tool. 

Compatibility and Flexibility

Ease of integration is essential to any laboratory upgrade. The compact size of the piezosystem jena system makes it a convenient drop-in solution to your current beamline, or other x-ray source.

X-Ray Collimator

X-Ray Collimator

The New PureEdge X-Ray Collimators - Developed In Cooperation With Lawrence Berkeley National

The PureEdge 240 collimator was developed in cooperation with Lawrence Berkeley National lab as part of an upgrade to beamline 12.3.1. Crystal samples of varying sizes should be matched to a corresponding aperture size to optimize signal to noise ratio during data acquisition.
The concept behind this development is to replace the tedious process of swapping in different size pinhole apertures with a controllable dual slit design.
The design had to be stable and offer an improvement in x-ray scatter. Also, an advancement in the initial alignment technique was part of the new collimation concept.

  • Accurate parallel motion using FEA optimized guidance
  • Patented solid state hinges offer motion without mechanical play (0 backlash)
  • Independent aperture control of 2 edge pairs up to 240µm with closed loop
  • 16 bit or 20 bit control options
  • Extremely low-scatter

Applications include:

  • X-Ray crystallography
  • X-Ray collimation
  • Small Angle Xray Scatter (SAXS)


Data Sheet PureEdge X-ray Collimator Series 

PureEdge 240

PureEdge 240



The PureEdge Advantage

PureEdge Collimators from piezosystem jena offer a number of features and benefits over current technology available today.

  • Speed - The PureEdge system can continuously operate at over 10 Hz in closed loop acting as a fast shutter if needed.

  • Precision - With a resolution of < 8 nm the PureEdge system is the most accurate variable aperture system commercially available.

  • Purity - PureEdge Collimators offer virtually scatterfree performance. Contaminant scatter is minimized with our Scatterguard Viewport accessory.

  • Adaptability - The open architecture of the PureEdge design allows for easy integration into a variety of x-ray systems. A side mount holder allows the customer to add his own or our accessories. The entire system can be made vacuum compatible.

  • Compactness - The small size (85 mm × 85 mm) of the mechanical assembly allows easy integration into existing systems where space is an issue.


Product flyer X Ray Collimator

Drawings X Ray Collimator

PureEdge Collimators

PureEdge Collimators



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