The need of piezo actuation

XYZ-Axes Piezo-Actuator (microTRITOR®)

XYZ-Axes Piezo-Actuator

You came here, because none of the classical actuation principles are suitable to your application and:
  • Your application needs high positioning precision
  • You need an actuation that generates high forces
  • The actuation has to endure high mechanical stress
  • Your application shows high dynamics
  • Small strokes below 1 mm are adequate
If one or more of the above issues meet your specifications, piezo actuation is the most likely solution for your application.

Advantages of piezo actuation:

  • High precision in

    • Positioning
    • Repeatability
    • linearity and
    • resolution in the sub nanometer range

  • Fast positioning (millisecond to microsecond regime) 
  • Generation of high forces (up to a few kN)
As a next step, you should analyze your application whether a piezo actuator can be used.
  • Do you have a finalized system where you only want to replace the actuation by a piezo actuator? In most cases, this is not possible right away!
  • Consider the needs of piezo actuation when developing your system e.g. in terms of environmental conditions, connecting surfaces, or opposing forces.
  • Depending on the application (from static to highly dynamic) a dedicated electronics is needed to drive the piezo actuator   
  • Take the costs into account. Despite its major advantages, innovative piezo technology typically is more expensive than classic actuation.
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Piezo-based products we offer:

Samples of our piezo-based products

Samples of our
piezo-based products


Piezo Actuators – Piezo Mechanical Drivers

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