Piezo Fast Steering Mirror Solutions for Space

Space can be a challenging environment – but not for piezo actuators. Our fast-steering mirror drive technology is immune to magnetic influences and is radiation tolerant – a perfect solution for satellites and space vehicles. The piezosystem jena compact and lightweight mirror positioning products are being space qualified for readiness in next generation optical communication terminals.

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Piezo Actuators for the Semiconductor Industry

Wafer production processes such as stealth dicing, lithography, doping, implanting and planarization makes precise positioning of bigger substrates a must. Our 12” z-axis wafer positioning system offers precise hold and repeat positioning for steady processes in production and process control. Our 3-axis positioning system offers movements free of play in XYZ with up to 100 μm travel range, which is ideally suited for demanding AFM and scanning applications.

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Your OEM Piezo Solution Partner

Established in 1991, piezosystem jena offers extensive knowledge and in-depth technical expertise in the application of piezo technology, nano-positioning tasks, and in the design of piezo flexure stages and piezo actuator systems. In addition to our extensive catalog of COTS products, we offer customized solutions and consultation to fit your unique applications. The partnerships we form with our clientele are long-lasting and mutually beneficial.

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Piezo Photonics Solutions

The alignment of laser beams, positioning of microscope objectives, and fine adjustment of samples demands on precise and rapid movements. Based on the inverse piezoelectric effect, products by piezosystem jena offer unique technical characteristics compared to other solutions on the market including sub-nanometer resolutions, instantaneous positioning, and high reliability. Available in open loop and closed loop configurations, our products can fulfill even the most challenging positioning tasks in the photonics industry.

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Precision Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturers

Our Product Lines

Piezo Fast Steering Mirrors

Our piezo tip-tilt actuators are fast, compact, lightweight and above all reliable. By virtue of their unique stiff design, the piezosystem jena beam steering actuators have instantaneous responses, short settling times and can oscillate in the kHz range.

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Piezoelectric Actuators

A piezo actuator is a high precision ceramic actuator that converts electrical energy into linear expansion. These solid-state actuators are controlled using inverse piezoelectric technology and offer high speed and force motion with sub-nanometer resolution.

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Piezo Driven Fiber Switching

Fiber switches are the perfect solution to analyze light sources with only one spectrometer. Our fiber switches offer up to 9 channels which can be switched within milliseconds. Controlled by piezo actuators, our fiber switches have no internal optical components and therefore avoid any form of optical aberration.

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Piezo Motion Control

Analyzing a large object in precise detail has traditionally been a challenge. Typically positioning systems have either been highly accurate for small motions, or fast for larger motions – but not both. Users had to make a compromise between one or the other form of motion.

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Discover the World of piezosystem jena

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PSH 25

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NV200/D Net Amplifier

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Piezoelectric Shaker PiSha

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High Power Actuators by piezosystem jena

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Scalability for Industry Solutions

OEM Manufacturing

As a leading provider of OEM piezo technology solutions, piezosystem jena works closely with the semiconductor, photonics and aerospace industries. Research engineers work consistently with industry experts on developing the next generation of micro-positioning tools.

Solutions for Applications

Welcome to the Precise World of piezosystem jena

With more than 30 years of experience, piezosystem jena is a worldwide developer and manufacturer of incredibly precise piezo products. As a privately owned cooperation, there is a strong focus on creating customized solutions for industrial and research applications. Working together with leading OEMs in the fields of semiconductor, photonics, metrology, aerospace and the automotive industry, piezosystem jena has developed systems that can achieve extreme levels of precision, high force generation, and stable high-frequency movements.

Since 1991

Experts in the development and manufacturing of nano-positioning equipment

Research & Discovery

Deep knowledge of piezo-technology based on interactions as consultants and through research


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Acceleration Sensor for hpower-Actuator

For applications like vibration excitation or motion control, acceleration can be a challenge.

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