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High resolution translation stages for microscopy and scan applications: TRITOR 102


  • free central hole (40mm)
  • highly compact design results in superior performance
  • accurate parallel motion by parallelogram design
  • high reliability due to solid state hinges
  • motion without mechanical play
  • high resolution in nanometer and sub-nanometer range
  • motion up to 100/80µm (open/closed loop)
  • precision pin holes

Probe alignment in microscopes usually requires an open center space (e.g. for the passage of light). The TRITOR 102 translation stage, with its 40 mm free central hole, was developed with regard to such applications. Each axis is mechanically preloaded, making the TRITOR 102 piezo system very well suited for dynamical applications. piezosystem jenas' unique TRITOR translation stages are extremely compact but offer motion of up to 100 µm in all three axes. Parallel motion is achieved without play due to the mechanical design. As an option, an integrated strain gauge measurement system for overcoming the effect of hysteresis is available.

TRITOR translation stages can be easily combined with other mechanical positioning systems. They are well suited for various applications reaching from optical research to OEM systems.


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