Equipment for

XY-axis nanopositioning stages series PXY 201

multidimensional translation stages


  • nano positioning
  • micro scanning
  • scanning microscopy
  • surface analysis
  • metrology
  • alignment

The XY-axis nanopositioning stages series PXY 201 offer a clearance of 30x30mm², and a nano positioning and micro scanning range of up to 250microns in open loop, and up to 200microns in closed loop.

The PXY 201 CAP and PXY 201 CAP digital are equipped with an integrated direct measuring high resolution capacitive feedback sensor. When these systems are used in combination with the amplifier/controller from piezosystem jena, creep and hysteresis are compensated for, and supreme position stability, linearity, repeatability and accuracy are achieved.

Digital amplifiers/controllers from piezosystem jena, used during closed loop operation, feature in-situ and dynamic set up of PID parameters, as well as slew rate and notch-filter bandwidths. These features allow the user to match the electrical parameters depending on the current load scenario and optimize performance during system operation.

The FEA-optimized guidance exhibits supreme trajectory accuracy, virtually eliminating parasitic rotational percentage to a few microradians over the full positioning range under heavy loads. Due to the frame design of the guidance, the nanopositioning stage is very robust against high loads and lateral mishandling. To minimize overshooting and to shorten settling while scanning, the PXY 201 line is equipped with an internal passive damping system, reducing position noise.

The PXY 201 line is an excellent choice for permanent use in industrial nanopositioning and micro scanning applications.

Series PXY 201

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