Equipment for

x-axis positioning stage PX 200


  • motion up to 200µm
  • 3.2nm closed loop resolution
  • integrated lever transmission
  • easy adjustment
  • integrated preload
  • motion without any mechanical play


  • scanning systems
  • laser optics
  • fiber positioning
  • micromanipulation


  • with measurement systems available

Because of the solid state flexure and parallelogram construction, these piezo stages can travel without any mechanical play in the x and z direction. They provide a much higher resolution than is possible with mechanical or electromechanical systems.

The PX series stages can be easily combined with xy and tilting piezoelectric modules to give positioning with all degrees of freedom.

These piezo elements are able to perform dynamic work.


piezo translation stage PX 200

PX 200 series with 200µm travel range

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