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piezosystem jena introduces a new product line for motion control - linear & rotation drives, goniometer & controllers

Positioning in the millimeter range


Incremental trigger function: New feature available on piezo digital amplifiers

· user optimized due to individual data selection · advanced triggering possibilities · time...


From a microscope to a nanoscope

In conventional microscopy the limit in resolution is half of the wavelength of the light. For blue...


Shock wave generation with piezoelectrical shakers

Advantages of piezoelectrical shock wave generators


Three-dimensional positioning system TRITOR320 for high loads

The TRITOR320 offered by piezosystem jena is a special development for highly accurate positioning...


New Product! - d-Drive pro

- highest resolution 24 bit
- simultaneous control up to 3 axes
- synchronous 3-channel-modulator with
  120 mA continuous current
- automatic sensor identification (ASI)
- automatic sensor calibration (ASC)


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