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piezo controller 1-channel version

piezosystem jena offers a wide range of 1-channel piezo controllers for applications in laboratories, industrial applications, and for development tasks.

The piezo controller offerd by piezosystem jena is designed for high precision positioning of low-voltage piezo elements. The control units are tuned for extremely high output stability and extremely low signal noise at the output. The value of signal-to-noise ratio, which is important because it determines the total resolution of the actuator, is 0.3 mV for most of the amplifiers. Thus, the nearly unlimited resolution of piezoelectric actuators from piezosystem jena is implemented as an ultra-precise movement.

Depending on the configuration, the piezo controller can be equipped with a sensor servo module for controlling actuators with an integrated positioning feedback sensor. These actuators are marked by the letters "SG" or "CAP" or "CLE" in the description. The piezo controller 30DV50, 30V300, and 12V40 amplifier series modules are made for OEM industrial applications and have appropriate casings.

All amplifiers can be controlled by an analog signal. Additionally, all systems can be operated manually or via a digital interface, with the exception of a few controllers in OEM versions.

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Piezo Controller Typ: NV 120/1
Analog; Output current: 120mA;
Sensor Controller
USB, RS232; Piezo-Connector Sub-D15
Equipment for Laboratory

Type: NV 40/1CLE
channels: 1 analog
output current:40mA
output signal: -10...150V
interface: RS232
piezo connector: LEMO 0S.302

Piezo Controller Typ: 30V300
analog; output current: 300mA;
main supply: 10...30V DC
sensor controller integrated
monitor/modulation input
industrial version

Typ: 12V40
analog; output current: 40mA;
main supply: 12V or 24V DC
sensor controller version
monitor/modulation input
industrial version

Typ: nano box
analog; output current: 8mA;
main supply: 5V DC
built in frequency generator
Research & Development, OEM

Typ: nano box USB
Digital; Output current: 10mA;
Sensor Controller
Research & Development

Typ: 30DV50
digital; output current: 50mA;
main supply: 10V...30V DC
RS 323; Sensor Controller
Research & Development


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