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Stack type actuators series PA

stack type actuator with mechanical preload

  • option: positioning feedback sensor for closed loop control
  • excellent dynamic properties due to high resonant frequencies
  • integrated mechanical preload
  • tensile forces up to 150 N
  • motion up to 220 µm (larger ranges of motion available)
  • high stiffness of up to 85 N/µm
  • vacuum and low temperature versions on request
  • round head pieces or head pieces with M3 thread available


  • nano positioning
  • scanning microscopy
  • micro manipulation
  • micro injection
  • optical adjustment
  • laser fine tuning
  • mirror adjustment
  • mirror positioning


The stack type actuators series PA are internally preloaded by a mechanical spring, making them ideal for dynamic applications. The ability to generate a large force, and be subjected to high mass loading, make them particularly useful for machine tools and dynamic scanning systems.

As an option, these actuators are available with strain gauges. These stack type actuators have a uniform diameter of 14mm.

Please find more technical information in our data sheet.

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